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Empower Women. Stop Climate Change. 

Coach, Sponsor, be an Ambassador.

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Project ZedWomen

Lead by Zed-Motors in Benin, West Africa


Project ZedWomen aims to recruit, train, coach, and invest in women entrepreneurs interested in starting a motorcycle taxi and delivery business (driving). Project ZedWomen envision's a world in which women and men are equal drivers of change.


  • Motorcycle 2 & 3 wheelers are the main mode of transportation in most of Africa. The sector is 99% male dominated. Some cities account for 0% women drivers.

  • Statistics have shown that women are better drivers and have less accidents compared to male drivers. 

  • Electric Motorcycles have proven themselves to be better than existing ICE ones. EVs have low running cost & are climate friendly.


  • Studies show that in developing countries, offering income generating activities to women yield better outcomes (investment in kids’ education, health, & community wellbeing) compared to males.

  • Transportation of people, goods, and services is a visible way of shining light on gender inequality. It is a way to spark a paradigm shift in people’s mind. Women are equal force driving development.

  • Higher loan repayment rate is another area where women beat men over and over in the region.


  • Recruit and train women to enter the delivery service & taxi sector and offer them electric motorcycles with a ride to own financing scheme. 

  • Each women entrepreneur is paired with coaches to support and guide them throughout their entrepreneurial journey and to reach their 3 years goal. 

  • Sponsors are impact investors offering capital to JumpStart each woman entrepreneur with a 10% return on their investment.

Market Opportunity

  • Benin and Nigeria have the largest motorcycle market in Sub-Saharan Africa and both countries share 60% of the same ethnicity and culture. 

  • Benin has the first self-organized & most regulated motorcycle taxi sector in Africa. 

  • The government pasted a bill on 12-09-21 allowing VAT & duty-free tax for all EVs.

  • Benin has a stable political environment which makes it easy to launch new ventures and easily grow to other larger neighboring markets.

How: FIRST COHORT’s Investment plan

  • Women Drivers: 12

  • Investment Need: $42,000

  • Repayment Plan: $1400/Month for 36 Months

  • Sponsors’ ROI: 10%

Note: Electric vehicles become the property of the drivers at the end of the repayment. Some women are able to pay sooner than others.

Join the Movement:

  • Coach a ZedWoman: Become a coach & help her through her entrepreneurial journey. 

  • Become a Zed Sponsor: Raise $3500 to help a woman own an electric motorcycle taxi business.

  • Be an Ambassador : We can all be angels.

  • Share + invite friends & family + host an event


ZedWomen is an initiative of Zed Motors. 

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