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recycl - Zed's Recycling Program

Recycling is a component woven into to the very fabric of Zed Motors, with the name representing Zero Emission Designs of Technologies. 

Zed Motors recycles ICE motorbikes and use components, such as frames, as raw materials to build new Electric Motorbikes. 

Copy of Zed Motors Deck_Feb2023-2_edited.jpg

There are over 1 million taxi motorcycles in Tanzania alone. Nigeria, Benin and Burkina Faso account for over 50% of the 27 million motorcycles on the continent. We cannot pretend to be doing good for the environment by introducing brand new EVs without thinking about what happens to the discarded ICE ones.


Zed Batteries at end of life within EVs, are used in Solar Home systems. At complete end of life, a disassembling plan is put in place to extract minerals from dead li-ion batteries to build new ones.

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