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The Gateway to the Largest Market in Africa, Nigeria. 


  • Benin and Nigeria have the largest motorcycle market in Sub-Saharan Africa and both countries share 60% of the same ethnicity and culture. 

  • Benin has the first self-organized & most regulated motorcycle taxi sector in Africa. It is a mature and culturally accepted mode of transportation. 

  • The country offers an attractive business environment. The government supports Start-up incubation.

  • Benin has a stable political environment which makes it easy to launch new ventures and easily grow to other larger markets (Nigeria, Ivory Coast, etc.).


Marconi Center
First e-Mobility Micro Factory (e-MMF)

Marconi Center is

Zed Motors’ hub for petrol mobility conversion to electric. It is under construction in Allada City, Benin.


The goal of the Marconi Center is to locally convert existing petrol vehicles into electric with few replacement parts in a timely fashion. We train locals to become conversion technicians.

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